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Eye care seeking journeys in Uganda

A study from Uganda documented the routes and times taken by a cohort of people who developed severe, painful, sight-threatening microbial keratitis (corneal infection) to navigate through the health system and access appropriate assessment and treatment.

The health facilities visited before reaching the hospital eye unit included health centres, small clinics and pharmacies. All times are the median number of days (total range) for each step. Cumulative values combine the time for all steps in a specific route. Many people visited multiple health facilities before finally reaching the eye unit for assessment and definitive management. Adapted from Arunga et al.1


  1. Arunga S, Kintoki GM, Gichuhi S, et al. Delay Along the Care Seeking Journey of Patients with Microbial Keratitis in Uganda. Ophthalmic Epidemiol 2019; 26(5): 311-20.