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Concurrent to the main report, the Commission has produced multiple subsidiary papers. They will appear here as they are published.

Association between vision impairment and mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis

By Ehrlich, JR, Ramke J, Macleod D, Burn H, Lee CN, Zhang JH, Waldock W, Swenor BK, Gordon I, Congdon N, Burton M, Evans JR.

Associations between vision impairment and driving and the effectiveness of vision-related interventions: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

By Nguyen H, Di Tanna GL, Coxon K, Brown J, Ren K, Ramke J, Burton MJ, Gordon I, Zhang JH, Furtado JM, Mdala S, Kitema GF, Keay L

A global review of publicly available datasets for ophthalmological imaging: barriers to access, usability, and generalisability

By Khan SM, Liu X, Nath S, Korot E, Faes L, Wagner SK, Keane PA, Sebire NJ, Burton MJ, Denniston AK.

A global assessment of eye health and quality of life: A systematic review of systematic reviews

By Assi L, Chamseddine F, Ibrahim P, Sabbagh H, Rosman L, Congdon N, Evans J, Ramke J, Kuper H, Burton MJ, Ehrlich JR, Swenor BK.

Action needed to improve equity and diversity in global eye health leadership

By Aryati Yashadhana, Justine H. Zhang, Sumrana Yasmin, et al.

Eye Health and Quality of Life: An Umbrella Review Protocol

By L .Assi, L.Rosman, F.Chamseddine, et al.

Interventions to improve quality of cataract services: protocol for a scoping review

By Miho Yoshizaki, Jacqueline Ramke, João M. Furtado, et al.

Are we advancing Universal Health Coverage through cataract services? Protocol for a scoping review

By Chan Ning Lee, Jacqueline Ramke, Ian McCormick, et al.

The Association Between Vision Impairment and Mortality: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

By Ehrlich JR, Ramke J, Macleod D, Swenor BK, Burn H, Lee CN, Waldock WJ, Zhang JH, Gordon I, Congdon N, Burton M, Evans JR.

Interventions to promote access to eye care for non-Indigenous, non-dominant ethnic groups in high-income countries: a scoping review protocol

By Hamm LM, Black J, Burn H, Grey C, Harwood M, Peiris-John R, Gordon I, Burton MJ, Evans JR, Ramke J.

Global eye health and the sustainable development goals: protocol for a scoping review

By Zhang JH, Ramke J, Mwangi N, Furtado J, Yasmin S, Bascaran C, Ogundo C, Jan C, Gordon I, Congdon N, Burton MJ

Estimating the global cost of vision impairment and its major causes: protocol for a systematic review

By Marques AP, Ramke J, Cairns J, Butt T, Zhang JH, Faal HB, Taylor H, Jones I, Congdon N, Bastawrous A., Braithwaite T, Jovic M, Resnikoff S, Nandakumar A, Khaw PT, Bourne RRA, Gordon I, Frick K, Burton MJ

Announcing The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health

By Burton, MJ, Faal HB, Ramke J, Ravilla T, Holland P, Wang N, West SK, Bourne RRA, Congdon NG, Foster A.