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Expert commentary on the Commission

H.E. Dr Aubrey Webson

This wide-ranging Commission will help us to make the case for including universal health coverage as one of the pillars of social development and vision as a foundation stone of the sustainable development agenda

Dr Bonnielin Swenor & Dr Joshua R. Ehrlich

Despite successes in the control of infectious causes of vision loss, an ageing global population presents an increasing challenge within eye health. An integration between vision and ageing policies are vital

Dr Matire Harwood & Dr William Cunningham

Eye care should not be a luxury or a privilege. The Commission highlights inequities that require courage and optimism to address.

Video: Eye Health and the SDGs

Professor Nathan Congdon, Queen's University Belfast, discusses the relationship between eye health and the SDGs. The Commission reveals that eye health is essential to achieving the SDGs.

Video: Finance and eye health

Iain Jones, Senior Global Technical Lead for Economics at Sightsavers, explores how proper, evidence-led financing will benefit eye health

Video: Equity in eye health

Dr Jacqueline Ramke, the International Centre for Eye Health, shares the inequities in eye health revealed by the Commission, both in terms of those living with vision loss and research/leadership

Video: Technology

Professor Andrew Bastawrous, Peek Vision, presents the evidence from the Commission on technology's role within eye health, including mhealth, telehealth and artificial intelligence

Video: The economics of eye health

Dr Ana Patricia Marques, The International Centre for Eye Health, takes a look at the Commission's findings in relation to eye health, including that it costs the world $411bn in lost productivity each year.

Video: Magnitude of Eye Disease

Professor Rupert Bourne speaks on behalf of the Vision Loss Expert Group and Global Burden of Disease Study to describe the current (2020) and future (2050) magnitude of eye health as included in the report.

Video: General health, wellbeing and mortality

Dr Bonnielin Swenor, The John Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, discusses the Commission findings in relation to health, wellbeing and mortality. The Commission has revealed that mortality is higher in people with vision impairment.