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Expert commentary on the Commission

Video: Quality of care

Thulasiraj Ravilla, Executive Director of LAICO and Director-Operations at Aravind Eye Care System, discusses how quality is integral to improving eye health

Video: Measuring progress

Ian McCormick, Research Fellow at the International Centre for Eye Health, talks on how we can measure progress towards eye health for all

Video: Human resources for eye health

Sumrana Yasmin, Senior Global Technical Lead for Refractive Error at Sightsavers, outlines how improving the workforce within eye health is needed to realise the recommendations of the report

Video: Grand challenges

Esmael Habtamu, International Centre for Eye Health, discusses the Grand Challenges exercise conducted as part of the Commission, which identified 85 key challenges picked from suggestions proposed by 336 people from 118 countries.

Video: Eye health research

Dr Nyawira Mwangi, Kenya Medical Training College, speaks about the components and distribution of eye health research. The Commission shows that more diversity is needed, and research should be solution-focused and translatable into policy

Video: Call to action for the future

Professor Hannah Faal, University of Calabar and Commission co-chair, outlines the recommendations of the report and what should be focused on to implement them in the future